Who are you? What do you care about?

For this blog, I am unashamedly drawing upon a presentation I saw at a recent WIRE (Women in Rural Enterprises) event. It made me think about who I am as a business person and why that’s important in my work.

The presentation was about the importance of developing a vision for your business. Most companies (especially large organisations) have come up with a vision. Many display this prominently on the walls of their premises in order to motivate staff. In my last job, the company’s vision was on everyone’s computer as a screensaver. Whether or not this practice does motivate employees is a good question, and probably an excellent subject for a future blog!

The WIRE speaker said that when you’re master or mistress of your own business, it’s just as important to establish a vision. This must be compelling enough to motivate you. Essentially, it must give you a strong enough reason to do something constructive every day. This is especially important if, like me, you work from home and can find many reasons not to knuckle down.

The speaker asked a very specific question which really resonated with me: “What are you truly passionate about?” When setting up or running your own business, she argued, you’d better make sure it touches or includes this passion.

We were also asked to consider a couple of supplementary questions. ‘What do you stand for?’ and ‘What would you risk your reputation for?

I know these are standard coaching questions, but when you’re head down working on a project it’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what’s important to you.

Sometimes, we all have to chase the dollar. Mortgages and bills have to be paid. But we must be careful not to lose sight of our vision, the things we’re passionate about and why we set out on our own in the first place.

So, I would suggest taking the time to consider the vision for your business. Stick it on a poster above your desk if it helps. Whatever you do, try not to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Don’t lose the passion.

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