Carry on learning

I’ve been working in marketing and PR for more than 20 years. So I’ve got lots of practical experience and have gained lots of specialist knowledge. However, I know that I’m not too old or too experienced to learn new things. Marketing and PR have changed an awful lot since I first started. I gained […]

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Where do I get an Uber round here?

It’s very important for marketers to understand the context in which they are operating. My business is based in Herefordshire, a very rural county close to the border with Wales in the English Midlands region. I’ve lived and worked here for the past 30 plus years, so I know the county and its businesses well. […]

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How to get your story published

A few weeks’ ago, my blog provided some handy tips on how to write a press release. This week, I thought I would expand on that to share my experiences on how to get your story published. It’s not just a case of sending in your press release and fingers crossed! Make sure it’s newsworthy […]

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