How to justify what you do to the FD

For many marketing professionals there is often a tension between them and the Financial Director of their organisation. ‘What’s the benefit of this to the business,’ the FD may ask or ‘Show me the impact of this marketing initiative on the bottom line’. Experts suggest that around 5-10% of gross revenue should be spent on […]

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Should I stay, or should I go?

Earlier in my career, I worked for The Leadership Trust in Ross-on-Wye. The company specialises in leadership development programmes for senior managers. It was a great place to work and I learned so much over the more than 10 years I was there. One of the key concepts the Trust taught was multi-directional leadership. Through […]

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New term, new year

Today marks the start of a new academic year in England and Wales. For those of us with kids, it’s a time to breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve managed to navigate six weeks of juggling and can now return to a recognisable routine. I always find the start of a new academic year […]

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