Freelancers need juggling skills!

Of the many skills I thought I would need when I set up my freelance business 12 months’ ago, juggling wasn’t one of them. But at any one time, I have so many ‘balls’ in the air, without these skills my freelance world would come tumbling down.

Male juggler against sunset image

Of course, I don’t mean juggling balls in the literal sense. I’m talking about the number of things I do as a freelancer. Top priority, of course, is to keep my clients happy. This requires lots of juggling as I have several different clients who I’m working with at any one time, all from different industries and with different needs and goals.

Then I need to find time to do my business development activities. It’s so easy not to do these things when you’re busy, but that means you’re not planning for the future. Networking, marketing, keeping social media platforms up to date are all things I enjoy, but all suck up my time. I can – and do – schedule posts and my mailshot activities. But there’s nothing quite like live interaction at events such as #HerefordHour on Twitter on a Monday afternoon. Scheduled posts are better than nothing, but I think are always easy to spot!

On top of that there’s the admin. Sending out invoices, keeping on top of expenses, ordering stationery and print supplies – all essential tasks, all take time. But if I don’t do them, I won’t get paid.

Best not to mention my domestic responsibilities. I’m lucky in that my children are now old enough to be fairly self-sufficient. But the house won’t clean itself and the laundry wont self-launder. These tasks have to be fitted in, notwithstanding the fact that I have a very supportive husband.

I’m really not complaining. This year has been amongst the happiest of my working life. It’s great to be my own boss and have more flexibility than when I was full-time employed. But in some ways there’s less down time than previously as something always needs to be done. I can’t afford to take my eye off the ball! With my office located just across the hallway from my sitting room, I often forego the latest episode of Strictly in favour of catching up on my emails.

As a sole trader, it would be a big step to employ someone to help me out with my responsibilities – either on the professional or domestic front. For now, I’d much rather just be in charge of my own destiny.

I guess I’ll just keep honing my juggling skills – I wonder how many balls I can actually keep up in the air!

Please do contact me if you’d like me to take one of your ‘balls’ off your hands! I am rather good at juggling and am sure I could successfully handle another few balls.

I haven’t dropped any yet!

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