This year I resolve to …..

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution this year? According to researchers, around 60% of us do so. Of these, only 20% stick to them for a whole year.

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The most popular resolutions centre around losing weight, doing more exercise and eating more healthily. Others promise to take up a new hobby, save more money or to quit smoking.

How to stick to your resolution

I came across an interesting article the other day in Accounting and Business magazine that provided hints on how to stick to our resolutions. In essence, it recommended that resolutions should include aspects related to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For example:

  • Physical – undertake to get eight solid hours of sleep every night
  • Mental – exercise your brain by signing up to learn a new foreign language
  • Emotional – find new strategies for dealing with stress
  • Spiritual – set aside some time every day for mindfulness activities, or to meditate, or simply clear some time to think

The article also suggested some key tools to keep you on track:

  • Accountability – via a personal trainer, life coach or someone who shares the same resolution as you
  • Measurement – track your progress by setting targets and undertaking regular reviews
  • Support – similar to accountability, find someone who is travelling in the same direction as you so that you can motivate each other through your shared experiences
  • Reward – give yourself a reward (not chocolate if you are on a diet!) as you reach key milestones.

My resolution for 2020

My resolution this year is to ‘seize the day’ by taking up every opportunity offered to me. I’m not sure how that can be couched in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual terms – I certainly wouldn’t want to make four resolutions out of it – but I can see how to apply the tools mentioned above.

The start of a new year is always double edged. There’s a real sense of starting over and wiping the slate clean. But there’s also a melancholy for another year having passed under the bridge.

Although 2019 was a good year for me in terms of establishing my new business, on a national scale it seemed niggly, unsettled and acrimonious. I’m sure I won’t be alone in hoping for something a bit more positive and harmonious for the year ahead.

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